My Nemesis

I don't really have a nemesis but the word sounded really cool and I've wanted to write a story titled that since my teenage years. I guess a blog post will have to do.

So no I don't have a nemesis (that I know of) but I do have a hated aspect of webdev. CSS is an essential part of web development, unfortunately it is also the part that I just cannot get yet. For me bootstrap and bootsnip are godsends but I can't rely on them all the time. Especially if I want to go down the freelance route putting my own spin on website design.

So my first technical series of posts will be dealing with CSS as I go back through and finally nail my tough spots. Look out for them next week I hope to get the first post out then.... If I can stop myself from tinkering with this website.

But something good has come from my constant tinkering, I have finished my portfolio pages properly and hope the next thing I am can tinker to completion is the blog and comments section. After that I can finally finish building out a proper user account experience.

Well until next time keep safe.

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