Minimum Viable Product

Sometimes the best is not actually the best thing. Hey now hear me out. I know its sounds counter intuitive or just like it doesn't make sense like an energy drink that hydrates more that water (Thats just straight up bonkers) but it is true. The best is not always the best thing when it comes to developing, well not straight away.

This has taken me a long time to understand and its taking me an even longer time for me to actually act upon. If you look at anything piece of product when they are released whether its a game, an OS or any other product then look at them later on in life they often go through changes. Sometimes visibly and sometimes under the hood but the point being they are no longer the first version. When they release a product it is a full featured product true, but it is also the minimum viable product. So this isn't saying that its full of bugs but instead that it doesn't have all of the features that they wanted to include or plan to include yet. Its the version of the product that has the majority of the functionality but maybe not all the frills.

This is something that I need to really adopt as my way forward. The problem is right now I have an idea and keep adding to it before and during building and not all of those ideas can be realised straight out of the gate. But then because I've kept adding new features that I think I want the project never gets finished because its not perfect. I need to be ok with it not being perfect at release because it can be iterated on. So to do this I'm going to have to set myself some rules

James's guidelines for his MVPs

Must be functional

This seems quite obvious but theres no harm in putting it in writing. What ever I make must work.

It can have (minor) bugs

This isn't about laziness in fact this is needed to preserve sanity. While working on a project you will encounter bugs and most you squash. But sometimes there is just that one resilient minor bug that won't go away so leaving it is fine as long as there is a plan to fix it at a later point.

Design can be minimal

I struggle with design, its not one of my gifts. So this means I won't spend as much time stressing over it. It will be best if I can find a style and stick to it.

Perfect is not the goal

If you spend your time trying to make something perfect you will never actually release anything. As a beginner dev especially I try to hard to make something perfect which leaves me with nothing to show.

Have plans for the future

A MVP is not supposed to stay a MVP for the life of the product so having a clear plan of what you want to change and improve is a must. Also getting rid of any lingering bugs

So yea this what I plan to do from now on. My portfolio page should start getting a bit more love in the next couple weeks/months as I go back over some projects and start new projects

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