It Liiivessss

And I'm back this definitely took longer than I was hoping it would, but I can finally say welcome to the new website, It looks exactly like the old one. Because it mostly is, but thats not to say it was easy. The layouts haven't changed much but underneath there has been quite a lot.

What I have been able to do is:
-Upgrade to Rails 6
-Add tags to the Blog posts
-Add a commenting system
-Make the Portfolio area available for viewing
-Set up a AWS bucket for pictures
-Move from Heroku to DigitalOcean

Now this is my first post and I'm not even sure it all works yet (please report any bugs you find) but I am pleased with this. ESPECIALLY with all the trouble I had trying to deploy it, gosh I am slowly learning my lesson about properly using git.

But thats not the end of it, there are a couple things I still need to and want to do. Right now the comment system isnt linked to real users and usernames so I still need to build that out. Fortunately right now I won't get many visitors right now so it's not important. I want to incorporate my wakatime data to keep me a bit more focused. I need to update my portfolio pages because right now its looking really empty.

Well thanks for coming to see the first of what I hope is many blog post on my own website.

link to old blog posts

P.S. I'll also have to fix the styles as well

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