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So yea as you can see this is not a technical post, I got distracted tinkering with the website and other things. But even though this isn’t the soon to come technical post it is still (I think atleast) important.

Being a self-taught developer isn’t easy. Especially for me, while growing up I didn’t need to put much effort into school and was able to coast my way through, this was great in the beginning but when it got to later on it had meant I hadn’t developed the study skills and discipline to keep up. Fast forward to today and those same problems are still around. For the longest time I have been trying to build a webapp, not an original idea just a different version of tictac toe but the vision of it is big for extra features and modes.

I have been trying to build using React because I think it would a good fit for this project at first I started quite upbeat and confident. I knew what I wanted to create I had an idea of how it would be done with components and the data-sharing, I was confident. But that was me fully experiencing the dunning-Kruger effect. I was confident because I did not know what I did not know and soon after fixing my layout I ran into my first problem.

The first problem was how to make an individual cell register a click action. In my first iteration if I clicked on one cell every cell would register the click and change. Luckily this first problem I was able to find the answer two in the end. But ofcourse that definitely wouldn’t be the only problem I would encounter.

The next problem was the logic. For the game to work it has to follow rules I knew how its supposed to work but being able to write the rules for it is another story especially in React, a framework I foolishly thought I would be fluent with only my codecademy progress to go on. I had to go back to basics my first thought was to look at youtube videos of building a similar app using React and started to do that. But then had a better idea I decided to build a simple version of tic tac toe using vanilla JS HTML and CSS so that I can understand the logic then build on that for my main thing. You can see that here at its very simple but I was able to add my own simple 1 player mode to it.

That done it was back to my main project. Unfortunately it isn’t that simple. Now that I know how I want to do the logic I have been struggling on how to implement it, my project is supposed to work on two levels. If it cant work out how to accurately and instantaneously (yes finding out that React state is asynchronous has been a painful eye opener) know which cell has been clicked on both levels I cannot implement the logic. So this means back to basics again. Going to have to spend more time building projects to get a deeper understanding of how to build using React. Being a self-taught developer is hard.

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